There are many things to keep you entertained during your stay at the Swinton Hotel and most of them are just a short walk away.

For some history, you can make your way across the town to Plymouth's historic Barbican and Hoe.

Whilst there you can see:

Smeaton’s Tower: The first lighthouse not to fail on the Eddystone Reef,

The Mayflower Steps: Where the Pilgrim Fathers left on their voyage of discovery,

The Hoe: The site of Sir Francis Drake's famous bowls game!

Plymouth is also home to many great restaurants and pubs, boasts a large recently redeveloped shopping centre and is the home of the most southernly league team in the UK, Plymouth Argyle.

Photo of Smeaton's Tower on Plymouth Hoe.Matchday photo of Plymouth Argyle FC.Interior photo of Drake Circus shopping centre.